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How do you lead in the 21st century?

Again and again
Some in the crowd wake up.
They have no ground in the crowd
And they emerge according to much broader laws.
They carry strange costumes with them
and demand room for bold gestures.
The future speaks ruthlessly through them.

- Rainer Maria Rilke

In this age of a border-less economy and outsourcing, knowledge workers and virtual teams, the rules have changed. The days of the big leader (Churchill or Kennedy, even Gates or Welch) are numbered. The explosion of free markets worldwide, the unparalleled access to knowledge through the Internet, flattening organizational hierarchies and virtual teams call for a new leadership model. But how do you lead effectively in the 21st century?

Who are we?
Who are our clients?
What problems do we solve?
What are our methods?
What is cutting-edge leadership?
How will you benefit?

Who are we?
We are Swiss Consulting Group, a strategic partner for leaders, teams and organizations in building 21st-century leadership competencies while producing breakthrough results.

Who are our clients?
We work with senior executives in large organizations around the world who face challenges in forging a truly global leadership culture, implementing strategy, and/or achieving desired results. Our typical clients are top managers and/or department heads, functional and/or virtual teams, or boards of directors in corporations; entrepreneurs; and senior officials in government, non-profit organizations, and multilateral agencies. They want to make a change. And they want to move beyond business-as-usual.

What problems do we solve?
Our clients typically face one or several of these leadership, business or global challenges:
  • Lack of results, missed opportunities, loss of key customers.
  • Pushback on change, indecisiveness, weak morale, brain drain.
  • Leadership gaps, team failures, personality clashes.
  • Cultural clashes, lack of trust.
  • Poor communication, frequent misunderstandings.

What are our methods?
Our in-action workshops and strategy/coaching sessions empower leaders to meet these challenges head-on. We do not offer mere peak experiences that rarely hold up on Monday morning back at the office. Our human-centered processes bridge people, planning, and productivity - while growing the organization's ongoing capacity to unleash the full hidden power of its human capital:
  • Strategy-In-Action to build a shared vision/strategy and catalyze quick, targeted wins;
  • Leadership-In-Action to build cohesive and unstoppable leadership teams;
  • Coaching-In-Action to meet targeted business and/or leadership challenges with executives or teams;
  • Communicate or Die to minimize miscommunication and foster straight talk and effective listening for results; and
  • Culture Clash to prepare global managers for getting the job done in any culture.

What is cutting-edge leadership?
What it takes to unleash leadership is often misunderstood. We say that leaders are people who generate conversations of value that empower others to achieve. We facilitate executives and teams in five leadership conversations they must do well to succeed, through a proven systematic process of Self-knowledge, Relationship, Vision, Strategy, and Action.

How will you benefit?
We help you create a compelling picture of the desired future, and build a shared diagnosis of the current situation. We then launch a customized process to fill gaps, provide what's missing, remove blockages, and seize opportunities. Instant strategic action means quick wins at every level of the organization. For example:
  • At an international bank, we worked with the IT management team to unify its global strategy and improve collaboration between departments and regions. This achieved millions in cost savings and contributed to $9.1 billion in profits that year.
  • At another multinational, we enabled senior management to build a cohesive retail team, improve partnerships with the front-line people, increase speed-to-market, and produce $74 million in additional sales.
  • At a large international nongovernmental organization (NGO), we assisted the president and his leadership team in building a fundraising campaign that more than tripled the organization's annual revenue from $240,000 to over $900,000 within a year.
  • And at a medium-size technology company, we worked with the board and senior management to unify the corporate stategy and launch a series of catalytic projects that contributed to increasing the company's valuation from $20 million to $34 million within a year.

Beyond immediate breakthrough results, our clients typically see sustainable benefits:
  • Self-reliant leadership and better decision-making across the firm;
  • Better strategy alignment and faster implementation;
  • Improved morale and efficiencies;
  • Sustainable, replicable processes; and
  • A leaner organization overall.

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