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Sample Programs
Dr. Zweifel tailors all programs to needs and objectives. His most frequently asked-for programs are:

The 3C's: The Leadership Model for the 21st Century (1/2 day or 30-90 minutes):
Although still dominating our thinking and actions, traditional approaches to leadership no longer work in today's complex global markets. In an age of democratization, flattening hierarchies and the Internet, leaders emerge in all walks of life and require a transformation of management: the mindset of command-and-control that we have inherited from the industrial revolution is simply too cumbersome and bureaucratic. But management practice has mostly failed to catch up, let alone to capitalize on the new landscape. It seems as though our behaviors were still dictated by old myths and the costs and lost opportunities are enormous. Dr. Zweifel suggests a new leadership model called the "3 C's":

• Coaching: not ordering people around but being their co-creative partner in their ongoing leadership development and their ownership of the organization's challenges and strategies.
• Communication: being a masterful communicator who eliminates wasteful, past-based chatter like complaints or excuses, and who leads by speaking and listening effectively.
• Cross-Cultural strategy: being a global citizen who masters outsourcing, virtual teams and remote empowerment, and can parachute into any culture and get the job done while respecting the target culture's values.

Culture Clash: Managing the Global High-Performance Team (1/2 day or 60-90 min.):
Globalization cannot be stopped. But few leaders are prepared for working across borders, and the costs of cultural blindspots in mergers, outsourcing and virtual teams can be immense from lawsuits to lost opportunities. Through case studies and interactive processes, Dr. Zweifel challenges participants' assumptions about their own and their colleagues' cultures. He introduces you to key intercultural competencies and tools it takes to manage across cultures anywhere in the world, for example how to orchestrate effective global meetings or videoconferences; how to decode any culture with the Global Integrator; and how to navigate the rough seas of global markets with the Global Leadership Pyramid.

Communicate or Die: Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening (1/2 day or 60-90 minutes):
Often leaders have a great vision, but cannot communicate it effectively, inspire their people, or turn their vision into results. Just as often, an organization's staff has insight and information that never makes its way to the top. The difference between a good company and a great one may lie in their ability to communicate. Through fascinating stories and interactive processes, Dr. Zweifel gives participants access to tools for cutting out wasteful communication and learning how to listen effectively perhaps the smartest investment in productivity. Avoid the Four Deadly Sins of Speaking, and climb the Matterhorn of Masterful Listening.

Strategy-In-Action: A Systematic 7-step Process to Align on and Achieve Your Organizational Vision (1/2 day):
Most organizations have a strategy. Many strategies fail. Why? Because of a divorce between strategy designers and implementers who never get to own the strategy. All too often, strategy is developed in boardrooms behind closed doors. What is missing is an approach that bridges the gulf between strategy formulation and execution. Strategy-In-Action is a systematic, dynamic, evolutionary seven- step process of aligning people on a strategic intent, getting immediate results through targeted catalytic projects, and feeding the learnings back into the strategy to galvanize further strategic action.

Strategy-in-action has worked in various organizational settings in the private, nonprofit and public sectors from Haiti to Hamburg.

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