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A medium-sized Australian software development company

A medium-sized Australian software development company needed a new strategy and breakthrough in sales.

Swiss Consulting Group intervention
Strategy-In-Action / organization /(2-year retainer).

Increased sales by 60% within 12 months. Built alignment in board and staff for corporate strategy. Built management team to execute strategy. Built sales team and capacity.

¨You were standing in our success as though it were your own. It is safe to say that without your input we would not be facing what we all now see as an extraordinarily bright future.

¨[Swiss Consulting Group built] a tight group of directors, advisors &team supporters totally committed to the success of our business... we were 6 goals down at half-time and we won the match! Now onward to victory in the Finals!Greater focus, clarity & rigor in planning and running our operation. Increased clarity on roles, responsibilities, span of control & lines of communication.Re-structure of our entire business at the same time as producing the results. Creation of a dedicated sales team & sales management process.Vastly improved financial systems accounting, planning and reporting.¨
¨I have never had a coach of your ability. I tell all my friends that my best coach is not in Perth but in New York. They can\\\'t believe it.¨

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