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Here is what some of our clients have said about the Swiss Consulting Group:

"The opportunity to take a step away from the daily operations to focus on longer term strategy was beneficial. I especially appreciated your perspective several times to imagine we are already at our goals and identify what the organization looks like in the future as a framework for establishing strategy now." (Kurt Flosky, Executive Vice President, FAAC, Inc.)

"Best listening class attended.", "This class was excellent.", "This class should be longer.", "Tom's lecture was excellent."(Praise for the Communicate or Die Workshop at Pershing)

"I would have never gotten this job without your coaching." (Eva Steinhaus, WestLB)

"It is difficult to isolate the Return on Investment, but I can say without qualification that the Culture Clash workshop was very impactful for all participants and has heightened our productivity and results whenever we work cross-culturally. Novartis-Australia has performed strongly and has been recognised within Novartis as a 'Winner' for the last 8 months. I learned a lot as the Managing Director. When I work with the Swiss headquarters, I am more sensitive and put on cross-cultural 'glasses' and am able to see situations from other cultural perspectives. Interestingly, some of the biggest learnings were on Australian culture. This workshop would be of great benefit for any Australasian top executives or managers who work across cultures." (Dr. Martin Cross, Managing Director, Novartis-Australia and New Zealand)

"In my role as Head of Marketing International for UBS, it is paramount to cultivate a communication style that works across the globe in 23 different geographical and cultural regions. The workshop on Cultural Clash was a very important step for me as well as my seniors. As we all know, actively living cultural diversity should be one of the most important leadership tasks in any global company. If we succeed in tapping into our vast pool of diversified skills and capabilities around the world and put them to work for our clients, UBS will have a bright future. Even a marathon starts with the first step. This is how I felt at the workshop with Thomas Zweifel and Tony Baechle. We made the first important step. However, if we want to finish the marathon, we have to keep going, step by step. I am looking forward to taking on this challenge with my team and with the support of the Swiss Consulting Group." (Daniel Zweifel, Managing Director, Head of Marketing Delivery International, UBS AG)

"Our Japanese delegation reported highly rated satisfaction with the Leadership Program. The delegation not only indicated satisfaction with the content of the presentation, but also with your hospitality... You demonstrated leadershjip in concrete and easily understandable form. We really had a meaningful experience." (Japan Productivity Center on the Culture Clash workshop)

"First experienced Thomas's power in 95 via regular morning teleconferences between New York & Perth Australia, fortunate I was to meet him in person & be inspired to transform my thinking thru Thomas's dynamics in education, leadership & effective communicating. Truely be you or your team in Iceland or Timbuktoo, be inspired read one of his books or ask for coaching sessions from him direct." (Glenn Hankinson)

"I have personally seen Dr. Zweifel in action as he has met with groups of my International Visitors. In one case, Dr. Zweifel met with a group of women from Armenia and Azerbaijain, two countries that are currently at war over the Nagarno-Karabakh region. Not surprisingly, the women had been divided along country lines and had bickered bitterly in previous meetings. During the two hours they spent with Dr. Zweifel discussing leadership, the group was transformed into a single, cohesive unit, freely sharing ideas and opinions and working together. It was an amazing feat. The group contacted me later to say how grateful they were for meeting Dr. Zweifel. His greatest skill in my opinion is to help people with different agendas to find that precious common ground and build from there... He is a man who deserves a title that is all too often bestowed without merit, but in his case it is truly deserved: miracle worker." (David Searby, Program Officer, United States Department of State)

"Swiss Consulting Group has helped me and my company to systematically define what is important, what is needed and how to get it. Earnings have increased, and new opportunities not previously considered possible have emerged. At a personal level, I am much more positive, better organized, and have increased awareness. I feel calmer, more confident, more fulfilled, with an underlying sense of good fortune. Swiss Consulting Group asks powerful questions, brings consistency and committed listening." (Principal, Context Communications)

"You did very well." (Director of Communications, Pharmacia & Upjohn)

"Swiss Consulting Group built a tight group of directors, advisors & team supporters totally committed to the success of our businessu2026 we were 6 goals down at half-time and we won the match u2013 now onward to victory in the Finals! Greater focus, clarity & rigor in planning and running our operation. Greater sense of the role of coach within our teams. Increased clarity on roles, responsibilities, span of control & lines of communication. Tighter focus on reporting. Re-structure of our entire business at the same time as producing the results. Creation of a dedicated sales team & sales management process. Vastly improved financial systems u2013 accounting, planning and reportingu2026" (Managing Director, Dow Digital)

"The cultural training has been very helpful and so far I have had no problems with the auditees." (Senior Internal Auditor, Novartis)

"Our company is now a purer and stronger vessel which attracts more funds into the companyu2026 Swiss Consulting Group is far more effective and is of far greater value for money than almost all seminars I have attended. Many one day or two day courses fire you up but do not put in place any back up system to let you channel your new enthusiasm once you are back in the office. Swiss Consulting Group has a very different approach which is far more inspiring and supports you long term. Its innovative formula balances a high level of creativity with rationality." (Development Director, Global Vision Network)

"Swiss Consulting Group did the most important work to be done u2013 you laid the groundwork for our future. You were standing in our success as though it were your own. It is safe to say that without your input we would not be facing what we all now see is an extraordinarily bright future." (Principal, Ascension Financial Strategies)

"I just wanted to say that working with you is most enjoyable. Your commitment to bringing out the best in people really shows. I find it quite refreshing and wish to do all I can to assist you in inspiring others to do the same." (Staff Member, Newsletters Ink)

"... very good in the area in which I was most interested -- building effective business relationships. I walked away with some tips for conduct as well as issues to keep in mind... Very helpful." (Global Head Biostatistics, Novartis AG)

"If you had told me a year ago where we would be today, I would have told you: ' This is impossible.' "(Amatullah R’id, Columbia University student)

"Professor Zweifel challenged us personally by assigning the Breakthrough Projects. My project taught me invaluable leadership skills and confidence. I just wanted to express my gratitude for creating a future leader."(Amatullah R’id, Columbia University student)

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