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Selected Publications
Tapas K. Sen

  • Sen, T. K. & Kundu, R. Development of a New Introversion-Extraversion Inventory I. Psychologia, 1, pp. 257-264, 1958.

  • Same, Part II. Psychologia, 2, pp. 128-132, 1959.

  • Sen, T. K. & Mowbray, G. H. Influence of Size and Brightness Parameters on the Differential Sensitivity of the Central Retina to Photic Flicker. Jr. Optical Society of Amer., 53, pp. 750-754, 1963.

  • Sen, T. K. Visual Responses to Two Alternating Trains of High-Frequency Intermittent Stimuli. Jr. Optical Society of Amer., 54, pp. 386-393, 1964.

  • Sen, T. K. Masking of Crosstalk by Speech and Noise. Bell System Technical Journal, 49, pp. 561-584, 1970.

  • Sen, T. K. Subjective Effects of Noise and Loss in Telephone Transmission. IEEE Transactions on Communication Technology, Com-19, No. 6, pp. 1299-1233, 1971.

  • Sen, T. K. and Carroll, J. D. Signal-to-Noise Ratio as a Predictor of Speech Transmission Quality, IEEE Transactions on Audio and Electroacoustics, AU-21, No. 4 , pp. 384-387, August, 1973.

  • Sen, T. K. (ed.). Human Factors Applications in Urban Development. Proceedings Annual Symposium, Human Factors Society, Metropolitan Chapter, 1970.

  • Sen, T. K. & Bozzomo, R. E. An Application of Impact Scaling for Corporate Strategic Planning, Proceedings of the Human Factors Society, 21st Annual Meeting, October 1977.

  • Sen, T. K., Pruzansky, S., and Carroll, J. D. Relationship of Perceived Stress to Job Satisfaction in Machine Pacing and Occupational Stress, by Salvendy, G. and Smith, M. J. (eds.). Taylor & Francis, Ltd., London, 1981.

  • Sen, T. K. Participative Group Techniques in Handbook of Human Factors/Ergonomics, by G. Salvendy, (ed.) John Wiley, 1987.

  • Sen, T. K. Labor-Management Cooperation, in Transforming U.S. Industrial Relations, by M. Ambrosini et al, Franco Angeli, 1990.

  • Sen, T. K. and Berger, Paget. Private Sector Models for Quality Improvement in Government. Looking Ahead, National Planning Association, Vol. XIV, No. 3, pp. 16-20.

  • Sen, T. K. Global Competition and the Changing Role of the Human Resources Organization at AT&T. Strategic Partners for High Performance, Part I, Work in America Institute, 1994.

  • Sen, T. K. Building the Workplace of the Future. A Blueprint for Managing Change, A Conference Report, A Conference Board, No. 1149-96-CH, pp. 22-24.

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