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Listen Up!
Thomas D. Zweifel

THOMAS D. ZWEIFEL IS CEO OF SWISS CONSULTING GROUP Inc., a firm based in New York City that helps companies like Citibank and Novartis AG to master the fine art of listening. Before you open your mouth, says Zweifel, be sure to open up your ears.

Think about how your message will be heard. Anticipate the personal prejudices that people in your audience bring to the table, and shape your comments accordingly.

Focus on how people are reacting to what you are saying. If you're not connecting, you may need to toss out your script and to find a better way to state your case.

Listen one minute longer than is necessary. Sometimes that extra minute of silence on your part can be all that's needed to get the other person to come around.

Listen for the gold. Remember that it might be the OTHER person who arrives at the best solution. Either way, you both win.

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