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Oscar Forgues

Oscar ForguesOscar Forgues
Senior Consultant

Tel: +1 613 443 0498

Oscar Forgues comes to SCG after a career as an educator, where he devoted himself to making a difference in the lives of children wherever they were. He taught at both the elementary and secondary school level principally in mathematics. He assumed the role of principal of elementary school early in his career where he devoted much of his time in ensuring that each and every child under his responsibility could become the man and the women they came here to be.

From 1975 to his retirement from active involvement in the schools, he played an active role in the development of a 'Personalized Education' where each child can learn at his maximum pace, learn to learn and develop at the same time a strong and complete personality. This learning philosophy based on Montessori principles has made the difference in the lives of numerous children.

During his career, he also taught at Teacher's college of the University of Ottawa, did numerous workshops and seminars for teachers and parents on how to teach children and on how to accompany them in their learning journey. He also served on committees of his professional teacher's association as well as many committees of the school board. He also worked with teachers of Burkina Faso and traveled to India and Nepal to study their system of education.

Dr Forgues was born in Crysler near Ottawa, capital of Canada, in a French Canadian family. He did his elementary and his secondary school in Ontario, and studied at both the University of Ottawa and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the university of Toronto. He is fluent in both French and English.

Since his retirement, he has served on many organizations as a volunteer, working with children, adults and retired people. He is also presently involved in a project in Haiti giving seminars on 'Leadership in Action' and 'Communication'. The objective is to help the Haitian people to take charge of the development and transformation of their country, through their own personal transformation. This philosophy and methodology developed by SCG is helping these people to become responsible and autonomous.

For Dr Forgues, making a difference is what matters. It was his motto during his career in the teaching profession, it is still his motto during his second career and working with people of the world.

He now lives near Ottawa, Canada, with his wife.

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