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Richard A. Radu

Richard A. RaduRichard A. Radu

Tel: +1-646-932-1745

Richard Radu brings well-rounded qualifications to Swiss Consulting Group. He combines a set of solid hard skills like knowledge of international economics and banking, strategic analysis and decision-making with a human skill-set of coaching, cross-cultural savvy and leadership. This combination is the perfect prerequisite for producing superior results.

Richard first worked as special assistant to the CEO of Swiss Consulting Group in New York. He continued as a Swiss Consulting Group advisor and Vice President Marketing/Branding in Germany, from where he coordinated the firm’s global branding and marketing strategy. Richard has lectured about breakthrough technology at Columbia University and about Culture Clash at Manhattanville College. He creates openings for prestigious speaking engagements together with the International Speakers Bureau.

Richard completed a Master's Degree in International Economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. During his semester in the USA, he studied Marketing at Rutgers Business School and Leadership in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. His final thesis was 'Culture, Communication, and Leadership: The Global Citizen’s Journey'. The paper displays the cross-cultural consensus about effective global leadership behavior in international management: namely that it consists of an equally high concern for people as for results, and of the conceptual skill to effectively communicate vision and strategy.

Richard is the consummate global citizen: born to Romanian immigrants, he grew up in Germany, spent much time in the United States, and travelled and worked extensively in Europe and North America. Richard is fluent in English, German and Romanian, proficient in French, and speaks some basic Spanish and Dutch.

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