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Carlos Acevedo-Lucio

Carlos Acevedo-LucioCarlos Acevedo-Lucio

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Carlos Acevedo is a management and leadership development expert. His approach goes beyond traditional development; it is grounded in self-awareness at deeper levels, and is activated through action-oriented techniques and communication exercises. He is a firm believer that the difference between the possible and the impossible is expressed by people's perceptions of themselves, others and their circumstances. He has a firm commitment to bringing out the best in people.

Carlos has extensive work experience in Latin America: In Panama, he led a cultural change and organizational redesign intervention with the Panama Canal Commission. In Chile, he helped an international mining company in all aspects of strategy, corporate culture, performance and service. In one specific program at a major pharmaceutical company, a group of 20 “high potentials” went through an intensive 6 month development process with Carlos. The program concentrated on leadership communication, ways of being, impact on the overall organization, skills to move work groups forward and self-management. As a result, several program participants were immediately promoted to take on positions of greater responsibility and authority.

Prior to being an organizational consultant, Carlos used his skills to successfully manage a major product introduction across seven manufacturing sites in four countries with Digital Equipment Corp. As an original engineering graduate from MIT, his life has taken a turn towards the powerful world within which he helps people see beyond their blockages. His fifteen years of experience as a manager gave him a direct dose of the "reality" many managers live. Carlos is fluent in Spanish and English and lives in Puerto Rico with his wife Deborah and their three children.

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