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Dalila Schönfeld

Dalila Schönfeld
Senior Consultant

Byfangweg 36
Tel: +41 61-281-0540
Mobile: +41 79-287-9772

Born 1965 in Switzerland as only child of foreign parents, Dalila was raised in a multicultural environment and had the chance to get in contact with different languages and cultures in her very early years. Her fascination for people and their life designs have made her decision to study psychology very easy. After her graduation 1991 with a master in general and clinical psychology, she started her work career in the clinical field as a family and couple-therapist and discoverd her high interest in the philosophy of systemic therapy. This to a master education in systemic therapy and consulting in Heidelberg, Germany. Since then, “infected” by the systemic virus and the solution-focussed philosophy her life and work attitude where strongly influenced.

In 1993 Dalila had the opportunity to build up a management consultancy in the field of outplacement and training as the first employee in Basel, Switzerland. These years in the domain of human resource development, as well as in the domain of coaching and consulting intensified her “feu sacré” for the work with people. Dalila still works at times with couples and families as her fascination for transitions and crisis and the possibilities to overcome these in a resource and solution-oriented way is alive.

Starting up her own company in 1999 was a important step towards her personal mission. Empowering and supporting personal development and resources of people are Dalilas strength. She sees it as a challenge to accompany people, teams or management boards towards their own solutions and help them in their development. As a well trained mediator Dalila helps companies and employees to find win-win solution and trains skills of respectful and non-violent communication. She is specialized in leadership development and coaching programs. Dalilas skills in coaching and supporting people lead many teams and individuals in leading positions in organisations and companies to powerful and successful performances and better achievement of their targets and strategies.

A part of her Work-Life-Balance is being a mother of two children and nurturing her various interests as singing, reading, sports and sharing time with family and friends.

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