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Tal RonenTal Ronen

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Tal Ronen is an international coach, expert and enabler in critical thinking, strategic management, team alignment and organizational and social transformation. Working during the 1980s in the United States, Ronen served as a senior consultant and coach with Dudley Buckner & Associates in Los Angeles, and as a coach to NBA teams and the Monsanto and Hughes Aircraft companies.

As the founder of Coaching Ltd in Israel, Ronen works with Israeli and international organizations, including Fortune 500 firms in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

Ronen is the co-founder of The Coaching Academy, the leading institute for training coaches in Israel. He has coached top officials of the Israeli Army, and worked closely with former Prime Minister Shimon Peres in developing the “New Middle East” model. With key business figures in Israel, he launched the non-profit organization Israel 2020, a venture designing the future of Israel and its branding.

Ronen is developing the activities of the Global Transformation Group to extend the work of organizational and social transformation internationally. As a strategic coach working with the ¨movers and shakers¨ in the Israeli and international community, Ronen is focused on preparing companies, organizations, and their leaders for the challenging times ahead. He is dedicated to generating creative, viable solutions, and it is his hope that we can cooperate together on securing our common future.

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