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Sylvia E. Stauffer

Sylvia E. StaufferSylvia E. Stauffer
Leadership Coach, Workshop Facilitator

Mobile: +1 (914) 374 0595

Sylvia E. Stauffer, a Productivity and Leadership Coach, facilitates, coaches and mentors women leaders, entrepreneurs and up and coming leaders around the globe, using the Swiss Consulting Group methodology such as the Leadership Pyramid, Coaching-in-Action, Communicate or Die and Cross-Cultural Management.

Productivity Coaching is based on The Global Leader Pyramid™, a 21st Century Leadership SCG methodology, designed to move the client through the stages of self-awareness, relationship, vision, strategy and finally action to fulfill on the NEW future that was created and produce extraordinary results.

Ms. Stauffer is a Swiss Consulting Group expert in Cross-Cultural Management, decoding cultures and providing Culture Clash coaching sessions, as per the SCG methodology.

What does Culture Clash Coaching do? What’s the value-add?

• Screens expat candidates and matches the right people with the right assignments.
• Prepares managers (and families as needed) to parachute into any target culture and get the job done while respecting local customs.
• Helps managers avoid costly mistakes when working across borders.
• Helps reintegrate returning expats while enhancing innovation through global best practices.
• Helps organizations develop global leadership assets and/or aligned high-performance teams.

Ms. Stauffer brings passion for people, many years of personal, relationship and leadership training as well as hands-on business experience and international cross cultural exposure to coaching calls.

1992 - 2005, as a partner and marketing executive of a machine manufacturing business based in New York, Ms. Stauffer created a marketing platform that today has the award winning company placed in the forefront of the US packaging industry and a major supplier of inspection equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries in North America and Central America.

In 1999 Ms. Stauffer started her studies in breakthrough personal performance and leadership coaching, which impacted her performance as an executive, as well as the communication and performance of the employees and the visibility of the company.

Born, raised and educated in Switzerland, Ms. Stauffer graduated from Commerce & Business School. At age 23 left Switzerland with her husband to live, work and study in North and South America, where she also studied Social and Economic Change, Communication, Languages and Marketing. She holds a Certificate of Advanced Study from AGSIM, American Graduate School of International Management. She is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French, and knows some Portuguese.

Her vision
Raising a global family, living an international life and impacting leadership and communication, interaction between people and cultures around the globe are the fulfillment of her vision and her dreams. Working in Brazil, and later Switzerland, Canada, Venezuela and Mexico, Ms. Stauffer developed a deep love for understanding, adapting and differentiating cultures and their thought processes.

After her travels she settled with her husband and 3 sons in Westchester, New York. Her three sons graduated from the University of Michigan and they are likewise global citizens and cross cultural businessmen.
Ms. Stauffer now lives in Colorado, USA and commutes between New York City, the mountains of Colorado and Switzerland.

Her favorite activities are adventure traveling, hiking and mountaineering with her family.

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